Dulwich Park, London

One of our Favourite Places – Dulwich Park London

Looking through the photos on our new camera, it struck me just how much we are drawn to the green spaces of London. I love the city; the narrow streets and tall buildings – but many of my favourite places in London are the parks and the areas surrounding the Thames. Our favourite has to be Dulwich Park London.

The park we visit most is our local one, East Dulwich Park. As you can see from the pictures below, it’s beautiful. These shots were taken early on a Saturday morning and it was crawling with Dulwich park runners, dog walkers and cyclists. Since we lack a garden (like many Londoners), we’ve spent rare days of British sunshine lounging in the park; we go for runs there every week and there are plenty of Dulwich park events, such as film screenings to enjoy. Kids can play in the adventure playground while adults have a go on the outdoor exercise machines – Dulwich park bike hire is also available.

Dulwich Park London – our Pictures

Entrance to Dulwich Park

Dulwich Park, London

Dulwich park lake

Dulwich park table tennis

Love Dulwich Park London

Dulwich park pedalos

Dulwich park runners & cyclists

Dulwich park London

Dulwich park opening times are as follows: 7.30am till Dusk, 365 days a year. The park is located in Dulwich, South East London.

  • DebbZie
    Posted at 17:41h, 10 October Reply

    This park looks beautiful and not too crowded. In which zone is it ?

    • Amy
      Posted at 19:40h, 10 October Reply

      Hi Debbz, it’s in zone 3, south of the river. It’s definitely one of the things we’ll miss when we leave but I’m sure we’ll discover lots more beautiful places while we’re travelling!

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