Thinking of moving to sunny Portugal? We spent nine months down in the Algarve, tracking our living costs along the way. From rental prices to bills, food and transport, here's a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Portugal. Our life in Portugal Before we jump in, here's a bit of background info about our Portugal journey. In summer 2019, Andrew accepted a year's teaching contract...

Want to find a bank account that won’t charge you for taking out money abroad, figure out how to track your expenses, maintain your credit score or find a good travel credit card? We get a few queries about how we organise our money while we travel so we’ve put together these simple tips on managing finances on the road.

Our summer trip to the Rainbow Nation was a real beauty, filled with lush scenery and wildlife but how much does a trip to South Africa cost? We spent over three weeks travelling from Cape Town along the idyllic Garden Route to Addo Elephant National Park, where we enjoyed a self-drive safari. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how much our 23-day South Africa trip cost,...

Yosemite, La La Land, the Golden Gate Bridge – our California adventure was packed with iconic sights. During the 18-day trip we travelled from LA to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Yosemite, Kings Canyon and San Diego. Along the way, we walked among the world’s largest trees, rode rollercoasters, visited beaches and ate delicious vegan food. So, how much does a trip to California cost? Here’s...

Peru is a treasure trove of iconic Incan sites, stunning nature and historical cities. We spent 51 nights there in spring 2018, travelling from Lima to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Arequipa and Ica. So, how much does a trip to Peru cost? Here’s a look at how we managed to travel Peru on a budget, including break downs of our accommodation, food, transport and activity costs.
Getting lost in the Amazon Rainforest, driving across the world's largest salt flats, boating on Earth's highest navigable lake, we did all these bucket-list activities in Bolivia, but were they expensive? What about Bolivian food and accommodation? And how much does it cost to get around Bolivia? Read on to find out all about our Bolivia travel costs.
Thinking of travelling in Colombia? From our experience, South America can be an expensive beast to tackle, especially when it comes to activities and getting around. We budgeted £50 for two people per day, but did we manage to stick to that? Here’s a breakdown of how much our seven-week trip to Colombia cost, from food and accommodation prices to activities and transport.
Ever wanted to move to Prague in the Czech Republic? We fell in love with the city when we visited in summer 2016, so we decided to return, this time for a month in winter 2017. Our month was filled with tours and family visits, trips to the stunning Christmas market and hours spent wandering Prague's famous cobbled streets. We had a great time, but how much did it cost us? From accommodation to food, activities and transport, here's our cost of living in Prague breakdown.
How much does it cost to travel Europe? It's true that the continent definitely isn't the cheapest in the world, but here's the good news: it can be done on a modest budget. We spent three-months road tripping around Europe in late 2017, heading from Amsterdam to Portugal, through Slovenia and Germany to Prague. Here's how much our Europe trip cost, including a breakdown of transport, food, activity and accommodation prices.
How much does it cost to go to Everest Base Camp? Sure, trekking to the highest mountain in the world doesn’t come cheap, but if you hike independently and without a porter like we did, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. From $2 per night accommodation to £100 hiking shoes, here’s our two-week Everest Base Camp trek cost breakdown.