Welcome to Burma, one of the friendliest places we’ve ever been. We visited back in 2014 when the country was still relatively new to tourism and had an undiscovered feel. Starting in the capital, Yangon, we headed onwards to iconic Mandalay. If you’re planning a trip to Burma, don’t miss beautiful Bagan. We spent our days there temple hopping around town on an electric bike and watching hot air balloons at dawn. Our trip ended with a peaceful stay on the shores of Lake Inle, you can read all about our adventures in Burma below.

How do you plan your trip to Burma? It isn’t as easy as heading to other nearby countries like Laos, Cambodia or Thailand. You can’t just cross overland into the country, you can’t just pick up a visa on arrival at the airport, you need all your money in crisp, unmarked US$ and you have to book your accommodation in advance, or so we thought. Burma travel planning is full-on! Read on to find out more.