In 2016 we decided to move to Chiang Mai in Thailand for a year. We love this northern Thai city nestled amongst misty mountains and have often dreamed of living here. Chiang Mai is a digital nomad hub and it turned out to be the perfect place for us to work on our goals of making a sustainable online income through writing and online teaching.

Our Story: Living in Chiang Mai

Here’s a collection of all our tales about Living in Chiang Mai. Read about how we found an apartment, how much it costs to live in Chiang Mai and how to get a visa to live in Thailand. We blogged about everything from where the best festivals, temples and restaurants are in Chiang Mai to what daily life is like in Thailand. You can also check out our trips from Chiang Mai to explore more of the country.

We’re happy we made this city our Asian home for a year, are you hoping to do the same? Leave us a comment if you have any questions about living in Chiang Mai. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see weekly vlogs we made about our Chiang Mai life and travels around the world. Check out all our blog posts about living in Chiang Mai below.

Life in Chiang Mai this week has been full of work and not much else. As our daily routine solidifies, the hours just melt away as we toil silently in front of our laptops while the city swirls on below us. So in this week’s life update I’m going to share some of the challenges we’ve been facing as we navigate our way towards becoming digital nomads. Do you work remotely? Are you a freelancer? Perhaps you can identify with some of these challenges.
We’ve been in Thailand less than two weeks and already we’ve made big steps towards establishing our new life in Chiang Mai. Despite grappling with illness this week we’ve managed to move into an apartment, set up a wifi connection and make the place feel like home. So, ready for a peek at our new Chiang Mai apartment?
Everything was at once familiar; the hot slap of humid air, the lemon-and-lime coloured taxis with tiny Buddha statues perched on the dashboards, the sparkling spikes of temple tops poking out amongst the malls and city blocks and the occasional orange-robed monk padding down the pavement. After over a year, we were finally back in Thailand.
This week we’re back in the UK preparing for our big move to Thailand this Saturday! I’m ridiculously behind with sharing our European adventures on the blog but posts are coming soon about our time in Bratislava, our family holidays in Italy and Spain and my favourite city of the year: Prague. Right now though, it’s all about getting ready to head back to Thailand – here’s a look at how we’re preparing to start our new life in Chiang Mai.
One of the things we love most about Chiang Mai is all the delicious food that’s on offer. There are literally thousands of restaurants in Chiang Mai as well as cafes, pubs and bakeries. That's not to mention the night markets and street food. What’s more, the city caters to all kinds of diets with restaurants specialising in vegetarian, vegan, raw or gluten-free food. Here are our top picks of Chiang Mai restaurants in the Old City area.