Us on a walk with Amy's family

How to stay in touch when you travel

We’re getting ready to leave the UK again after a summer filled with family get-togethers, weddings and catch-ups with friends. By far the hardest part of our nomadic lifestyle is constantly having to say goodbye to our loved ones knowing we may not see them for many months. After over four years of travel, here are our top tips on how to stay in touch when you travel. 

Stay in touch when you travel – our top tips

Thankfully, in this modern age there are plenty of ways to keep in contact with our loved ones in the UK as well as friends from around the world, here’s how.

Us on a walk with Amy's family in the UK

A family catch-up this summer in the UK


Remember the days when you had to buy phone cards abroad to call home? Nowadays Skype makes it so easy for us to connect with people in the UK from wherever we are in the world, be it New Zealand, Europe or even remote places like Nepal. It’s so great being able to actually see the faces of people you’re chatting to. The only problems we’ve had with Skype have been slow internet connections and working out time differences when arranging calls.

Sending gifts

We love to send friends and family postcards and small trinkets from the places we visit to let them know we’re thinking of them. However, we love it even more when we receive parcels filled with UK goodies while we’re away! When we lived in Vietnam and Thailand relatives sent us packages from the UK. These were filled with precious UK treats like jars of Marmite, Earl Grey and peppermint teabags and even Christmas puddings!

British food goodies sent by parcel to Vietnam

British goodies sent to us from the UK


Aside from returning to the UK for our annual summer visits, we’ve been so lucky to have family and friends visit us while we’ve been travelling. We’ve had people join us for holidays in Thailand, Vietnam and Croatia and later this year, we have a stream of people visiting us in Prague. It’s great to enjoy quality time and share our love of travel with family and friends. We’re also able to give people a taste of our nomadic lifestyle.

Andrew's parents visiting us in Thailand

A visit from Andrew’s parents in Thailand

Blogging and social media

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share our travels with family and friends back home and five years on, it’s still a great way to keep people updated with our journey. Social media is also a really useful tool for us, no matter what time zone we’re in we can check up on what friends and family have been up to, send them quick messages and post our own updates.

how to stay in touch when you travel

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How do you stay in touch with loved ones when you travel?

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