We spent five weeks in Australia exploring the bustling cities of Melbourne and Sydney and taking a three-week road trip down the East Coast. Along the way, we had some amazing adventures including sailing the Whitsunday islands and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. We also fulfilled a British childhood dream by visiting Ramsay Street on the Neighbours Tour. Take a look at all of Australia travel stories, pictures, videos, travel costs and tips.

One of the most incredible things about Australia is without a doubt its animals. From iconic kangaroos to cute koalas, spiky echidnas and colourful birds, meeting these Aussie beasts was one of the highlights of our time down-under - here are some of our best pictures of Australian animals.
Our next stop in Australia was Sydney and after our disappointing journey on the Ocean Road we had high hopes for this iconic metropolis – here’s what we got up to during our week in Sydney.After over a month of staying mostly in hostels and moving on every couple of days we were extremely grateful to be staying with Andrew’s family in Penrith, one of the suburbs surrounding Sydney. It was a real relief to finally put our backpacks down and relax; staying with Janet and Graham really felt like a slice of home with lovely meals, a comfy bed and all the inside info we’d need about how to enjoy our time in Sydney.

Most days on the road are good, really good. A few are the rare kind that you remember for years;  days that were so amazing it almost hurts to remember them – like skydiving in New Zealand. Then, inevitably, there are the days that aren’t so good. Just as in normal life, sometimes we’re exhausted, sick, pissed off or just feeling inexplicably flat. Unfortunately, I was feeling a mixture of all those things the day we set off on our Great Ocean Road Trip.

Now, I don’t want you all to freak out or anything, but there’s something I have to tell you all; Neighbours. Isn’t. Real.” Nooo! How cruel, of all the things to tell a bunch of Brits going on an Official Neighbours Tour. It had to be said though; we’d all find out sooner or later.

We departed New Zealand from Christchurch in the early hours of the morning; as we sped through the dark, silent streets we both felt strange. The city with its broken buildings, cordoned-off areas and sparsely populated streets had echoed so strongly with the memory of that final, devastating earthquake - it was impossible to stop imagining all that had happened there. We flew off from our wonderful first month of travel in New Zealand reminded of the terrible danger that lies beneath the beauty of this incredible country.