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We’re really excited about kicking off our travel adventure in New Zealand; we’ve even pretty much planned our whole itinerary – but do we need a visa to get into the country?

New Zealand Visa Requirements

There are several types of visas for New Zealand:

      • New Zealand tourist visa – if you aren’t from a visa-waiver country will need a New Zealand tourist visa. You can make a New Zealand visa application by filling in the forms on the immigration website and by proving that you:

– Have a valid passport
Have onward or return plane tickets
– Have sufficient funds to support yourself while in New Zealand (NZ$1,000 per person per month)– Are in good health
Don’t have any criminal convictions

  • New Zealand Transit visa – if you’re stopping in the country for less than 24 hours and aren’t leaving the transit area of the airport, you probably won’t need a visa; especially if you’re from one of the visa waiver countries.
  • New Zealand Study visa – find out more about getting a visa for studying in New Zealand from their immigration website
  • New Zealand Work visa – find out more about getting a visa to work in New Zealand from their immigration website.

New Zealand Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

We’re lucky that the UK is one of New Zealand’s visa-waiver countries. This means that we can visit for up to six months without having to apply for a tourist visa, as long as we have:

      • A valid passport
      • An onward ticket

New Zealand Visa Cost – we won’t pay anything since we don’t need a tourist visa for our visit. If you’re not from a visa-waiver country you’ll have to pay a fee to visit, the amount of which varies according to where you’re from.

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*All information is accurate as of November 2012.