Michael Myers - Frightfest 2012

My Last Film4 Frightfest

At the moment I feel like I’m measuring the time we have left before our trip in ‘Lasts’. We’ve just had our last British summer (thank god!) and now we’re on the verge of our last autumn and all the things I love that go with that; halloween and bonfire night, frosty dark mornings and watching the parks turn golden and crispy. This weekend marked another ‘last’ – our last London Frightfest.

For the past four years we’ve spent part of every August bank holiday weekend at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square watching horror films. Weird, I know – I mean, shouldn’t we be outside in the sun? Well, apart from the fact that British bank holidays are always destined for rain, for an ex-film student who’s obsessed with horror, zombies, sci-fi and apocalyptic fiction, there’s nothing better than Frightfest. It truly is my favourite London film Festival.

So, it was with a slightly heavy heart that I set off for Frightfest 2012 and although I had a great time and watched some brilliant films, I couldn’t help wondering where we’d be this time next year and whether we’d ever make it to another Film4 Frightfest.



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