Kangaroo at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Places in Australia we’d Love to Visit

I can hardly believe that it’s been almost a year since we set off on our travel adventure. The memory of getting on that one-way flight to New Zealand last March with a new, uncertain life of indefinite travel ahead of us is still so vivid to me.  When we first set out I thought that we’d be able to explore the main sites of each country within a few weeks or a month, tick that country off our list of places to go and move on. I was completely wrong; instead we’ve left almost every single country we’ve visited wanting to come back and see more of it in the future.

Australia is one of the countries we can’t wait to re-visit again one day. During the five weeks we spent backpacking in Australia last year we finally grasped just how big the country was; although we tried to see as much as possible, we barely scratched the surface of this incredible place.

Sleepy Koala at Featherdale

Best Places we’ve visited in Australia so far

We crammed a lot into our whirlwind tour of Australia; a visit to Melbourne followed by a week with Andrew’s relatives in Sydney and a three-week road trip down the East-Coast from Port Douglas to Byron Bay. Along the way we saw incredible Australian animals and got to hold a koala, we snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef and sailed the Whitsundays, we drove the Great Ocean Road, lounged on beaches and visited the Neighbours set. It was incredible. Here are the best places to visit in Australia based on what we’ve seen so far:


We instantly fell in love with Melbourne and started to daydream about moving there one day. I love big, bustling cities full of people and life and this one had a quirky, almost European feel to it; it reminded me of London, my favourite city of all-time, with its picturesque south bank, excellent museums and lively restaurants and bars. While in Melbourne we got to fulfil one of our long-time ambitions and take a tour out to the Neighbours set, we met Karl Kennedy and had a hilarious time at the trivia night.

View from Melbourne SouthBank

Hervey Bay

This was our favourite stop along the East Coast. We found many of the other coastal destinations were overrun with tourists (particularly the young, drunken British variety) so we loved the fact that Hervey Bay was quieter and less touristy. We enjoyed walking along the wide sandy beach watching locals fishing off the pier, having barbeques and walking their dogs. I also had one of my favourite afternoons in Australia cycling around the bay from the harbour down along the esplanade as the sun set over the sea in the distance – magical.

Pelican in Hervey Bay, Australia


Although we didn’t fall as hard for Sydney as we did for Melbourne, we still enjoyed visiting this iconic city. We had the pleasure of staying with Andrew’s relatives who were kind enough to drive us over to the stunning Blue Mountains and lend us a car so we could feed some kangaroos and get up close to koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park. Of course we also had fun taking in the city sights; strolling around the famous harbour and watching the sun set over the mighty Opera House. We also had time to get a ferry out to Manly Beach where we ate delicious ice cream and spent the afternoon watching people learn to surf.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Top Places in Australia we’d Love to Visit

There are so many other places to visit in Australia and we can’t help dreaming of returning to Oz; here are the places we long to explore when we do get back to the land down under:

  • Adelaide – I have some family living here and have heard that it’s a beautiful city with a unique feel and tons of museums and parks to visit. I’d love to feed my city addiction by spending a few days in Adelaide.
  • Alice Springs – visiting one of the top Australia attractions, Ayres Rock, is a bucket-list experience we never got around to fulfilling while we were in Australia. We’d like to rent a van and drive through the real outback across the country to Alice Springs, explore Ayres Rock and experience a taste of aboriginal life too.
  • Perth – Australia is so huge that we never got around to seeing any of the west coast so we’d definitely head over to Perth to see how it compares to the more touristy east side of the country. After having great experiences in other Australian cities I’m looking forward to seeing what Perth has to offer.
  • Tasmania – after seeing pictures of Tasmania and reading about its unspoilt beauty I seriously regret not going there when we last visited. I’d definitely make sure we found time to head over to Tasmania to discover the beautiful beaches and national parks as well as chill out in the city of Hobart for a while.
  • Melbourne and Sydney – we couldn’t go back to Australia again without revisiting Andrew’s awesome relatives in Sydney and going back to our favourite Australian city: Melbourne – who knows, we might never leave second-time around!

The 12 Apostles, the Great Ocean Road

  • Louisa Klimentos
    Posted at 23:50h, 30 November Reply

    I love to see Amy and Andrew visit Wilsons Promontory ,aproximately 3 hour drive south of Melbourne .It consists of granite mountains white sand beaches ,forests ,rivers ,lakes and big rock balders.It is a bush walkers paradise.The wildlife is amazing ,with coloured birds,kangaroos ,emus and big wombats.i loved this place alot and it is sad to see that that the Victorian goverment ,doesn’t advertise this place so much.It is all to do wtith the budget.The prom is a bush walkers paradise and you would think you’re somewhere in Tasmania,or maybe in New Zealand .My friend who is from New Zealand said it reminded her of some places in New Zealand,maybe in North Island.In summer, Norman Bay at Wilsons Promontory can get a bit busy by the locals,however you can bush walk to a secluded beach..For accomodation look at the web site promcountry.com.au You can also look up You Tube Wilsons Promontory inspired by Gippsland.Then that will give you some idea ,of what you will be expecting.PS In winter ,it can get windy sometimes .I will always appreciate you,Amy and Andrew

    • Amy
      Posted at 17:22h, 01 December Reply

      Thanks for the tips Louisa, sounds like an awesome place to visit 🙂

  • Louisa Klimentos
    Posted at 00:10h, 17 August Reply

    Last week end me and my husband went to Bungonia National.This park is a 2 hour drive South west of Sydney.When we arrived we had to pay a fee of eight dollars.Then you have to go to the rangers quarters and fill out details of the walks that you are going to do because the national park is really ruggard.So if you have not signed the book that you have returned,then the rangers will start looking for you.Bungonia National parks consists of ruggard lime stone cliffs ,with steep gorges ,Bingonia creek,Shoelhaven river,caves ,woodlands ,rainforests ,gullies ,gorges and canyons .There is also a lime stone quarry in one section of it ,which i don’t find impressive ,but the mining is going to move away.When you first arrive it appears to have a dry plateau.But don’t be fooled because if you venture more you realise that Bungonia national park has a real diverse landscape.There are 5 hiking tracks .The orange track which is an easy walk,but not the most spectacular as it takes you through the woodlands to a nice look out and only takes 1 hour.You then you have the green track which is scenic and gives you a taste of what Bungonia can offerand and will take you 3 hours .The yellow track is even more spectacular which is a moderate walk and will take you 2 hours.The red and white track are a hard track to do and you are walking through the gorges and canyons ,red track you have to climb over rock bolders.These two tracks are the most stunning and would take about 4 to 5 hours to do them .You can do also absaiIing ,rock climbing ,underground caving and there is also camping and picnic areas.We also went to some look outs .Adams look out is awsome .You can see how mother nature has carved this beautiful plateau,forming magnificent gorges,even more ruggard than the Blue Mountains.More you see of this national ,more spectacular it becomes.If anything do any of the tracks but not the orange track ,it is designed mainly for families with young children and is not as spectacular as the other tracks mentioned,I hope this will help you diversify your knowledge of the natural beauty that NSW can offer you,love always ,louisa

    • Amy
      Posted at 09:52h, 17 August Reply

      Thanks for that Louisa, it sounds like you had a great trip. There’s still so much to see in Australia and lately we have been thinking of returning there and to NZ in the next couple of years. We’ll see how things go!

  • Louisa Klimentos
    Posted at 23:34h, 17 August Reply

    I wish the best for you and hope to see you return back to Australia and New Zealand.Where ever i visit a national park in Australia ,especially the less known places,I will let you know to help you and others enjoy.This way you discover hidden gems that the travel bochures do not tell you.When you go to New Zealand and if you want to see landscapes that are completely different to what you have already seen ,go to Rangipo Desert ,on the North Island.On the South Island,you can visit Maniototo plain near Otago.These areas are less visited and fit into the desert category as they receive less than 30cm of rain each year and the landscapes are dry.It is up to you of course,if you would like to visit these areas of New Zealand.You both are so amazing and really love your travel blogs,love always Louisa

    • Andrew
      Posted at 10:19h, 18 August Reply

      Louisa, you have so many recommendations! I think we’d need to spend a few years to cover them all! 🙂 Thanks again for this one!

      • Louisa Klimentos
        Posted at 11:14h, 18 August Reply

        Thanks Andrew and is really nice to hear from you .You are a gem.

  • Louisa klimentos
    Posted at 01:05h, 15 November Reply

    i have missed so much of your travel blogs as i have been very busy.On the 22nd of September 2016 ,four of my relatives from the Uk arrived in Sydney.We picked them up from the airport and then we all had dinner at my mother in laws place .The following day we drove down the South coast of NSW to Jervis bay .They saw Hyams beach which is considered as having some of the whitests sands in the world.Then to Greenpatch at Booderoo National Park ,where they saw kangaroos in the wild.We also explored Caves beach,which is a surf beach ,with small caves to explore and the sand is very fine and silky.The following day ,my neice took them to Sydney Harbour bridge climb ,Bondi and Manly.The following day Our other relative from the UK arrived so he had to be picked up from the airport.and then we all went to the Blue Mountains ,stayed at Eysium on Cliff Top Leura,for the weekend,with the most amazing views.We bush walked to Wentworth falls and beyond where you have to climb down ladders to get to this amazing lagoon.i didn’t go all the way down as i get virtego.Then at Leura we did a bush walk to Gordon falls it is a small waterfall surrouned by beautiful rainforest and really quite.The following day a barbecue at our house.The next morning we all had to catch an aeroplane to the Whitsundays .I haven’t been there since 2002 . it was April ,in 2002 and Cyclone season Fantasea cruises took us out to the Great Barrier Reef ,when the weather was wild ,with strong gale force winds.We all were very sick for a few days,after that event.The government is stamping down when it comes to bad tour operators and some have been shut down.This time we did Ride to paradise tour .It is a 2 night stay at this lovely resort which includes a trip to Whitehaven and snokling near a sand cay for coral viewing and turtles etc.We went on the Redcat catamaran and the view of the Whitsundays islands was amazing.The waterwas a beautiful turquoise colour and the islands were nice and green.It was very dreamy.i started to cry ,on the boat for being so overwhelmed.i saw the Whitsundays in a different light .Atleast i will have good memories ,this time.We spent four nights at the whitsundays then back to Sydney .Our UK family continued on with their journey to Fraser island and Brisbane.They really liked what they saw and didn’t complain about anything except that Australia is expensive.We were going to the Kimberley,where the natural beauty is wild and raw ,but wanted to spend our time with our relatives,so we decided not to go..The only other place that i will visit in Queenland is Capeyork Peninsular .Inland is dry green woodlands,but in the wet season ,it is really green and as you get closer to the coast ,it is all lush and green.There are rainforests ,waterfalls,waterholes towring pure white silican sand dunes,rivers lakes and so on.check out on you tube Sidetrack ’16 Cape York adventure.Anyway ,we did our best for our relatives, i can’t wait to read some more on Asia love louisa

    • Amy
      Posted at 03:14h, 15 November Reply

      Hi Louisa, great to hear from you and I’m glad you’re well. It sounds like you organised an incredible itinerary for your relatives! I would love to take a trip like that 🙂 We loved the Whitsundays and I can see why the views made you emotional. Yes, that is the only problem with visiting Australia, the cost. We would love to go back and when we get our income sorted out perhaps we can come by travelling slowly and continuing to work online while exploring, we’ll see!

      • Louisa klimentos
        Posted at 08:27h, 15 November Reply

        I forgot to tell you that whie i was at Wentworth Falls ,a noticed an American vlogger by the name danny black that i have seen on you tube,so i decided to ask him ,if he was Danny Black and he said that i was the first person that ever noticed him.i praised him and told him that his drone filming was fantastic .Shortly after ,he crashed his drone,but his GPS located it .Anyway he recorded me on his vlog with title i crashed my drone.i felt guilty and thought that I jinxed him.he had it repaired and since then ,he has been to every state Boy,did he do heaps of driving.If you get a chance because you are very busy in Thialand ,have a look at his vlogs in Australia.It will give you some idea of what driving around Australia is about .Watch the one on Cape le Grande national park ,if possible.The beaches sand is very white and the water is a freaky blue colour.It is up to you ,whether you would watch Danny Black vlogs,but if you do ,it will insire you to travel with in Australia..best of luck with your amazing travel experiences

        • Louisa klimentos
          Posted at 08:29h, 15 November Reply

          So many spelling errors ,sorry

          • Amy
            Posted at 03:03h, 16 November

            No worries 🙂

        • Amy
          Posted at 03:02h, 16 November Reply

          Ha, that’s such a cool story Louisa, we will have to look up his vlog and watch that episode! Shame about crashing the drone though, that’s what worries me about them; they’re so expensive and could crash or go AWOL at any time!

  • Grant
    Posted at 13:34h, 16 December Reply

    Tasmania is one of the best places I’ve ever visited. It has a feeling of some weird middle ground between Australia and New Zealand. Very beautiful and very quiet. Loved it

    • Amy
      Posted at 03:47h, 17 December Reply

      Tasmania sounds beautiful – next time!

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