Headlight Lighthouse, Cape Cod

Cape Cod and Leaving New England

By the time we reached Cape Cod, our last stop in New England, it felt like we’d come full circle. The sun was shining and the air was almost as warm as it had been when we’d first arrived in September.  As always when we travel, time seemed both long and short; although the days had whizzed by in an idyllic whirl, I also felt like we’d been in New England forever.

Highland Light on Cape Cod

*Update: you can read our complete 2016 New England Fall Foliage Guide here. This includes tips on where on when to see the best foliage, what to eat, which festivals to visit, how much our fall trip to New England cost and our favourite destinations in New England.*

Cycling and Exploring on Cape Cod

Cape Cod branches off the coast of Massachusetts, curling upwards like a thin, scorpion tail. The Cape is becoming perilously narrow, washing away at a rate of three feet a year, and locals are working hard to slow down the erosion and preserve this slice of holiday heaven. In the summer, Route 6, which runs the length of the Cape, is choked with holiday-goers, all bound for its famous stretches of sandy beach.

Race Point Beach on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is dotted with small towns which live off the summertime crowds. As we were visiting in early November, most places were shut off for the season and the beaches were eerily quiet, frequented only by dog walkers and locals. Some might prefer the bustle of high season but we loved the peaceful autumn vibe, cheaper costs and cooler weather.

Beach and Boat in Provincetown, Cape Cod

Through Airbnb we were able to find a cheap but lovely room in Harwich; if you’ve never used Airbnb before, you can get £20 free credit to spend on the site if you sign up using this link. Our host was a long-time resident of the Cape who gave us tips on what to see and lent us bicycles so we could ride along the bike path, which was once an old railway line. The air was a perfect autumn cool and leaves crunched under our wheels as we sped down the tree-lined paths before stopping in Chatham for hot tea.

Bicycle on the Cape Cod Bike Trail

We explored Cape Cod more thoroughly by car, snaking our way upwards, stopping off at towns and lighthouses along the way. Eventually we reached the very tip, Provincetown, which is the bustling gay capital of the Cape, something akin to Brighton in the UK.  Halloween decorations still adorned the houses and a few shops selling saltwater taffy and seaside souvenirs were open for business.

Salt Water Taffy in Provincetown, Cape Cod

Saltwater taffy

Leaving New England

The weather turned the day we left Cape Cod, signalling an end to our perfect road trip through New England. As the wind whipped up and rain began to fall from the leaden sky, I began to feel pangs of longing for the places we’d left behind; the wild, rugged coastline, national parks and white lighthouses of Maine, the jagged mountains and vast lakes of New Hampshire, the vibrant University cities of Boston, Providence and New Haven.

Blueberry Pancakes on Cape Cod

I thought of blueberry pancakes, steaming cups of clam chowder and crisp McIntosh apples. I smelt sea salt and conjured images of crashing waves, sandy beaches and golden hues of the falling autumn leaves.  I remembered watching the Labour-day fireworks in Boston when we first arrived and our road trip still stretched tantalisingly off into the horizon. Memories of long hours in the car, tracing roads on the map with my fingertip, of a freezing cold Halloween night, hiking in Acadia, standing at the top of Mount Washington and spotting humpback whales flashed through my mind.

Halloween Dummies in Provincetown, Cape Cod

Our New England road trip was the best I’ve ever taken. Above all else though, it was Vermont that stole a chunk of my heart. It wasn’t just the perfect fall foliage and the acres of forest dotted with rolling fields and red farmhouses that made Vermont so special – it was the feel of the state. I loved the independent, home-grown vibe, the local cheeses, syrup farms, orchards and vegetable stands on every corner.

Us at Billings Farm in Vermont, New England

In particular, I remember our time in the tiny, former-industrial town of Bellows Falls as the happiest of our entire road trip. I loved staying with our interesting, slightly eccentric host in a house without locks on the doors. The days we spent there seemed never-ending – we’d drive out to nearby towns, revel in spectacular foliage, bake apple pies and sip tea in the town café.  The memories of our time in Vermont are so perfect they make my heart ache.

Vermont road and fall foliage

Moving on from New England, the pace and feel of our trip changed and what followed was an intense three weeks of city sightseeing in Philadelphia, DC and New York City – more on this to come.

Cape Cod was the last stop on our road trip through New England; we cycled along the bike path and drove up along the Cape all the way to Provincetown. 

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  • Gilda Baxter
    Posted at 22:27h, 01 December Reply

    I also feel sad that the road trip has ended, particularly since I looked forward to your posts and travelling vicariously through you. How many Airbnb properties did you stay all together? Sounds like you had some very good hosts? I hope that you will do a budget post with also some information on your experience with Airbnb in New England. I am glad that you still have some more blog posts coming up on your NE road trip?

    • Amy
      Posted at 14:08h, 02 December Reply

      Hi Gilda, I’m actually planning on writing a post about our Airbnb experiences, which were mostly great with a couple of exceptions. We stayed in 16 places altogether and Andrew is currently working on the budget post for the USA 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed following our NE road trip, we had an amazing time.

  • Patti
    Posted at 01:50h, 02 December Reply

    Lovely post, Amy, you captured the essence of New England and made my longing to explore the area that much stronger. We’ve received an invitation to visit friends on Martha’s Vineyard in September 2016 so looks as if we’re finally going to get there. So looking forward it.

    • Amy
      Posted at 14:09h, 02 December Reply

      Thanks Patti, you will love Martha’s Vineyard I’m sure and the rest of New England. Now you have an invitation you may as well build the rest of your road trip around that, right? Great news 🙂

  • Louisa Klimentos
    Posted at 22:22h, 06 December Reply

    What an adventure you had in the USA and the great thing is that you did an abundance of different things ,that are so special and unique to the USA.I loved everything from your beautiful nature drives to Stephen king to vineyards to beautiful towns and yummy foods.What about the lighthouses?I heard there are really good ones in the USA.I remember visiting the Ben Boyd National park in the South coast of NSW and visited Green cape lighthouse ,one of the tallest in Australia.Unfortunately,the builder miscalculated the depth that the footings should be and blew out the budget .He couldn’t afford to pay his workers and financially went broke.So he put dynamite in his mouth and lit it.People still believe that his gost lingers around the lighthouse .I think you write so well that you make your experiences of the USA very inviting.Keep up your great adventures,love louisa

    • Amy
      Posted at 10:05h, 07 December Reply

      Thanks so much Louisa. Yes, the lighthouses were really cute in New England, a bit shorter than we expected but very pretty. That’s a shocking story about the Australian lighthouse! Take care and thanks for reading.

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