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Welcome to Our Big Fat Travel Adventure!

We’re Amy and Andrew, and in 2013 we quit our jobs and left London to travel the world indefinitely. Since then, we’ve explored Asia, Europe, Oceana and the Americas, working along the way to fund our journey. Our adventures include teaching English in Vietnam, living as digital nomads in Thailand and housesitting around the world. This site is our guide to life as perpetual nomads, where we share our travel stories, trip costs and expert tips for working and living abroad.

We hope other nomads and aspiring travellers find our content useful. There are over 400 posts on our site, wondering where to begin? Check out our get started page to view our best content about everything from how much it costs to travel the world to teaching abroad.

Us jumping on the Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Why are we taking this trip?

Us freezing in Bournemouth

In 2009, the summer before we moved to London to start our careers in teaching (Andrew) and online journalism (Amy), we spent a month backpacking around Thailand.  It was while exploring this amazing country that we fell in love with travelling and met people who were in the middle of their own incredible round the world adventures. We realised – if they can do it, why can’t we?

We spent years intensively planning, dreaming and saving for our travel adventure. You can find out more about why we decided to quit the rat race and travel the world and take a look at how we planned for our trip. We’ve also written about our reasons for taking this trip on the Working Traveller website and  One Road at a Time. Looking to the future, we plan to continue working our way around the world and making the most of our time on this incredible planet.

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