There’s so much to see in the USA, the country is so diverse and each state has its own personality and cultural heritage to explore. We hope to travel through the USA one area at a time over a few separate trips, starting with a three-month trip to the north east of the country in autumn 2015. I’ve long since dreamed of experiencing the spectacular New England fall foliage, so we’re taking an eight-week road trip through New England, as well as visiting New York City, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington DC. In the summer of 2018, we took another road trip to the USA, this time exploring California and Oregon, a beautiful region that we fell in love with. Check out our USA travel stories here.

Hello from the UK! We've just returned from an epic, year-long RV trip around the USA and Canada, which saw us cover over 25,000 miles from coast-to-coast. The whole trip made us appreciate just how huge the region is and while we ticked many national parks, cities and coastlines off our bucket-list, there was plenty more we didn't get to see, including Hawaii. We'd love...

Yosemite, La La Land, the Golden Gate Bridge – our California adventure was packed with iconic sights. During the 18-day trip we travelled from LA to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Yosemite, Kings Canyon and San Diego. Along the way, we walked among the world’s largest trees, rode rollercoasters, visited beaches and ate delicious vegan food. So, how much does a trip to California cost? Here’s...

Picture golden-sand beaches, sunshine, cinematic cities, cowboy towns and national parks filled with the world’s tallest trees. Our summer road trip around California was my favourite travel experience of 2018. We drove from LA with stops along the coast to San Francisco, then to Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, ending in San Diego.
Hello from Oregon, USA! I’m writing this from a caravan overlooking the red outcrops of Smith Rock State Park, with a cup of Earl Grey beside me, reflecting on how long it’s been since I blogged. In fact, my last post was back in Lake Titicaca, which now feels like years ago. Since then, we’ve travelled through Peru, visited Machu Picchu and spent three idyllic weeks road tripping in California. Somewhere along the way, amongst dealing with a ton of freelance work and a house-sitting disaster, I just had to let blogging go, but now I’m back.
Last week we celebrated five years of travel, can you believe that? I still vividly remember waving goodbye to our families at Heathrow in 2013, clutching our brand-new backpacks and one-way tickets to New Zealand, heading off on what we thought would be a two-year trip around the world. Yet, here we are in Colombia five years later, reflecting on both the amazing and tough aspects of this nomadic lifestyle we’ve managed to carve for ourselves.
'Welcome to the USA', the sign was just visible above a sea of people crammed into the arrivals terminal at Fort Lauderdale Airport. It was nearly midnight and after a nine-hour flight from London, we'd now been stuck in immigration queues for almost four hours. The perfect start to our two-day layover in Miami, right?
Fancy a trip to the Big Apple? New York was the start and end point of our favourite road-trip to see the fall foliage in New England. As we start putting our 2018 travel plans together, it looks like a return to this epic metropolis could be on the cards. With that in mind, here’s a look back at some of our top things to do in New York. 
Since we left the UK in 2013, Andrew and I have stayed in hundreds of hostels, hotels, guesthouses, apartments and Airbnb places. While some have been incredible, like our five-star honeymoon suite in Thailand, we’ve also stayed in some real dives and battled with bedbugs more than once. Here’s a look at five of the most unusual travel stays we’ve experienced to date, from a longhouse in Malaysia to a lavish London pig sit.
September brings back memories of the epic, eight-week road trip we took through New England this time last year. Although I’m currently happy here in sunny Chiang Mai, my thoughts periodically transport me back to that world of autumn leaves, scenic drives, Halloween pumpkins and forest walks. I have vivid memories of salty air, jagged cliff-tops, harbours and seaside towns as well as the taste of blueberry pancakes, apple cider and clam chowder. This reminiscing has inspired me to finally write a New England Fall foliage guide which includes our trip highlights, tips on where and when to see the best fall foliage, which festivals to visit and what to eat.
There are some countries that haunt you long after you leave, some travel memories that almost make your heart ache because they’re so perfect. For me, the USA is one of those countries. It’s been almost a year since we touched down in New York for an incredible three-month adventure filled with autumn foliage and festivals, hikes and boat trips, city sightseeing and blueberry-pancake breakfasts. I regularly dream of reliving our trip and returning to explore more of the USA’s treasures.